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Arranging a chaplain contact

conversation at brintonsChaplaincy in the workplace is based on the understanding that God is concerned for the well-being of all. It is therefore a task of the Church to care for all, and work for values and structures in society which reflect God's values of love, care, respect, equality, justice and peace. Any workplace, as any other context, is a place where these values and concerns need to be upheld and where people need to be cared for.


The chaplain is therefore someone who, motivated by their faith, seeks firstly to care for people. They do this by being available and prepared to listen, with no strings attached and in complete confidence, to individuals, and sometimes groups of people. The Chaplain gives time to allow people to talk about their experiences, their feelings, hopes and fears. To share sorrows, and joys, and bring comfort and support in time of need. Chaplaincy recognizes that human beings are complex, with physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions to their lives which are interconnected. Care must be of the whole person.


Fire Service agreementAlthough motivated by religious faith chaplaincy does not therefore concern itself primarily with an explicitly religious agenda and chaplains make themselves available to all, of any religious conviction or none.

The Chaplaincy takes seriously the important place work plays in our lives. Work is significant in that it is a major focus for our time and energy. It can be the place which shapes our personalities, engages our talents and where, in large part, we fulfil our ambitions and dreams. Work can raise our self-confidence and provides for a fulfilling experience of community with those with whom we work.


Work can also damage people and relationships when people feel undervalued and unfulfilled. Bad work practices damage confidence and cause destructive stress. Chaplains therefore interact with people at work in order to understand, and address, those issues which particularly arise in and through the experience of work.


A chaplain seeks to care, not only for individuals, but for the corporate life of an organization. They are concerned for how people relate to one another and the values and culture of the organisation. A chaplain, not being an employee, is able to highlight strengths - and weaknesses - in how a business cares for its own people, and draw this to the attention of managers and staff. A chaplain, from the basis of a relationship of trust, challenges and questions where necessary to ensure fairness and the well-being of all.


Faith at Work in Worcestershire has several specialist chaplains, but mainly works by developing local links between business and churches. Associate Chaplains are lay and ordained people from local churches who are specially trained and supported as workplace chaplains as part of FWWs Associate Chaplains Programme.

If you would like to discuss developing a chaplaincy link with your workplace please contact us. A member of the full time team will then be in touch to discuss the possibilities.


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