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In the current state of the economy redundancy is an increasingly common experience.

Faith at Work in Worcestershire has produced an advice leaflet which offers practical advice and support to anyone facing redundancy.

To access the leaflet as a pdf file follow this link. Redundancy Leaflet.

If you would like copies of the leaflet to give to people you know or display in your church or other venue, please contact us.

For further advice on what happens when someone is made redundant see  (opens in new window)


Having your job declared redundant, or experiencing a period of unemployment, is something many people have to face. Yet it remains a very personal experience. We can idnetify with thers, but also kow that no-one else quite knows what it is like for me to got hrough this.


As a response we have posted here a number of reflections on identity, hope and worth which so often are the sort of things redundancy challenges.


When I lose my job what happens to my identity? - by Robert Barlow

Holding on to Hope  - by Rose Lawley

thought for Advent by one of our Associate Chaplains, Catherine Reynolds.