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Associate Chaplains


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The Associate Chaplains' Programme programme aims to develop local teams of lay and ordained Christians to be active as workplace visitors, and take account, in their church's mission and activity, of the economic life of their community.




Specifically the programme aims to;

  1. Encourage the local church in ecumenical ministry and mission in the community through recruiting, training, placing and supporting Associate Chaplains in local workplaces.
  2. Cover more ground than appointed chaplains ever could.
  3. Model an incarnational theology of mission which stresses service and healing & wholeness.
  4. Provide information on the reality of work and the workplace for the local church in order to inform its theological reflection, worship and mission.
  5. Place work, the workplace and economic issues, such as consumerism, trade justice, and sustainable development, more centrally on the agenda of local churches.

The programme includes training, commissioning, study and review in local groups. These groups are overseen by the appointed core team chaplains who have responsibility for workplace mission in particular localities. Dick Johnson co-ordinates the Associate Chaplains' programme.

Teams of Associate Chaplains have been formed to visit: